Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shimmer, a new book from Eric Barnes

I just finished a book called Shimmer, written by a first time author, Eric Barnes, and it was so good. I have to tell you about it now, so I don't forget how much I loved it by July, when it will finally be available. You really should add it to your summer reads list now (especially since he is coming)!

Robbie Case worked with his father in the family communications business and when his dad died Robbie and his cousin Trevor took the company global. Now, with the invention of a thing called a “Blue Box”, Core Communications dominates the world’s communications network. In the space of just 3 years, the company is worth billions of dollars and employs 5,000 people all over the world. Things seem good, people are happy, Robbie is an oft-emulated, much sought after man, and the money keeps pouring in.

The only problem is that the entire company is built on a lie.

I haven’t been able to get the people in the book out of my head. Robbie is a very complex man. Lonely and depressed, he finds himself just following along when his cousin, Trevor, starts selling shares in the company. Now looking out over this vast empire, Robbie realizes just how much is at stake. His entire senior staff, and almost everyone else who works for him, has invested every waking moment in, and sacrificed their personal lives for, the business.

As watchers through Robbie's eyes, we see how the failure of the business will affect his staff in separate chapters interspersed through the book. Many have not been home in weeks, some are living on extended credit given to them on the promise of the future. They are realizing how much the company and Robbie are their only family. Robbie himself is only now beginning to truly understand how much these people love what they do and how much they do it for him. And he is going to let it all go; he will be the only one who walks away with anything.

Beautifully written, quiet and intense, Shimmer was absolutely riveting.

Available July 9, 09

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