Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I say it's my Birthday, I'm gonna have a good time! Thanks to the Beatles for the one song I sing to myself, over and over, on this day. I love birthdays- not just mine, but I've gotta say mine is almost always a good one. I am so happy that the people I know were born! You've gotta appreciate everyone else's birthday when they have such an impact on you. I like to thank my mother-in-law on my husband's birthday.

Isn't it lovely that we all have one day that is only about us? Even if no one else knows it's your birthday, it is still all about you. Indulgences, a slice of Honey Bear's chocolate cake; feeling a little special, giving yourself a break from guilt, the laundry, bill paying; sleeping a little longer, reading a little later, all those things that you don't allow yourself the rest of the year, they can wait one day!

Today is rainy and very windy- Ah, the wind. it reminds me of home (Port Orford, Oregon) which I never remember as ever being calm, except when standing behind a wall or shelter. Beautiful, seemingly warm weather always included a wind chill factor.

I go in to work late on Tuesdays so I am in the process of reading tonight's book group book, That Was Then, This is Now, by S. E. Hinton. I was up way too late, after going to the Mariner's game (in the rain, in the wind), finishing a new book from Random House called Maze Runner. Now,I must end this post, take a shower and do a little speed reading.

Happy birthday to all of you!

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