Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It has been a busy, busy month, almost exactly a month since last I posted. In that time many books have been read and passed along and many more new books have been collected and stacked in the living room (note to self: BUY BOOKSHELVES!) (another note to self: READ FASTER!).

One of the things that made the month so busy was going to the big book trade show in New York City; once a year booksellers and librarians from all around the world get together to preview new books, hear authors talk about their work, eat and drink way too much, and schmooze.

Going to the show is when I get to see all my amazing bookseller friends. I am in awe of how much they read and how much they do to bring books and people together. When we meet at dinners and on the buses back and forth to hotels and the conference center there is lot of laughter, a lot of sweet drinks and wine, and lists of books written on the backs of business cards. I love that this is where the magic happens, the only time we are all in the same place, talking about what we can't wait to tell you about.

So, some of the books on the back of those collected business cards are Shiver, the sequels to Hunger Games (Catching Fire) and Graceling (Fire), The Magician's Elephant, Leviathan, Liar, and Along for the Ride. And let me tell you, these books are definitely the ones you want on your shelves and wrapped in pretty paper for gifts come fall.

Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater, is a book for all the Twilight fans waiting for something exceptional. When Grace was young she was bitten by the wolves living in the woods behind her house. As she grows up she finds herself fascinated by the lone yellow-eyed wolf that haunts the edge of the woods,waiting for him to show up every winter and pining for him in the summer. Sam lives in the woods during the winter watching Grace and yearning for the few months in the summer where he can be human. When Sam and Grace finally meet, they recognize each other immediately and must find a way to stay together. Shiver is one of the most romantic books I've read this spring and Sam may remind you of Edward-restrained and utterly devoted to Grace. Many men and boys will enjoy Shiver, too; it's exciting and full of danger. I already have a list of people this book goes to just as soon as it arrives in the store in August. Take our word for it: You will LOVE this book. Ages 14 and up. (Scholastic, available August '09.)

I'll fill you in on the other books mentioned above in the next posts!

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