Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association's (PNBA) yearly trade show was last weekend in Portland, Or. The weather was HOT, the drinks were cold, and Portland is a beautiful city.

I had a great time checking in with old friends, gathering armloads of new books, hearing authors talk about their books at breakfasts, lunch and dinner. There were booksellers talking about books breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Workshops on how to talk about books, workshops on working with the public about books, workshops on letting other booksellers know about the books you're talking about to the public. Sharing the books we most want everyone else to know...Mmm, books (insert Homer Simpson doughnut sound here).

And, okay, I am really psyched to come back with my bags of swag so I can start reading something so new only the reps and publishing people have seen it.

Like Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick, the first book I pulled out of the pile!

We all know that books about the paranormal, vampires, fairies, werewolves, are all the rage and can there really be one more original story out there? I will give you a resounding yes!

Hush, Hush is the story of a smart and responsible girl named Nora Grey and the new boy in her school that she absolutely can't resist; his very smell compells her to him. She tries to drive him away and keep her distance, but Patch is always there: in her yard, behind her when she falls, in her mind, surrounding her all the time. When she finally admits how she feels about him, she finds out why her attraction to him is so overwhelming: he isn't exactly human. Two deep, dark scars on his back form a large V where his wings were ripped away when he fell from heaven. Patch has found a way to get his wings back and Nora is it.

Extremely romantic and exciting, Hush, Hush is a really good read- an especially good addition to the many books with angels as characters.

Ages 14 and older. Simon and Schuster, $17.99. Available October 14, 2009.

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