Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes has written some really fun books for teens, specifically teen girls: Golden and Platinum, Tattoo and Fate, and The Squad Series, Perfect Cover and Killer Spirit. Her books are all duets (duologies?) which makes me really excited about the sequel to Raised by Wolves!

I've read almost everything by her (I think I missed Platinum) and they are a blast. Tattoo and Fate are about a group of friends who get tattoos that give them supernatural powers; Golden and Platinum are the classic haves against the have-nots with a little difference; The Squad books are about a cheerleading squad that is not like any you've ever seen before; and Raised by Wolves is the first (I hope) in a series about a girl whose family was decimated by werewolves, leaving her the only survivor, rescued and then raised by another group of werewolves.

Fabulous story, great adventure, Bryn is now 15 years old, and, except for the being human part, an almost complete member of the pack...until she finds a boy chained in a cage, someone who has been newly turned, something her pack doesn't do. Going against pack rule and disobeying the alpha, she realizes that this new werewolf may know what happened to her family and, no matter what happens to her and the relationships she has with the pack, she has to find out the truth.

This was really good and really funny. I'm glad that Jennifer started writing when she was 19- it means we may have many more years of books to shelve! (Raised by Wolves is published by Egmont and will be available soon. $16.99, hardcover only.)

PS! I just went to Jennifer's website (www.jenniferlynnbarnes.com), which is really cool, and she wrote that her books will be available on the 8th of June and she was finishing up the sequel to Raised by Wolves, Trial by Fire! I am so excited!

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