Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today sunrise was at 7:18, sunset is at 6:35. I started this post back when sunrise was at 7:05, and sunset was at 6:48 or something. We're heading into winter, friends. Never mind the mugginess and heat of these first days of fall, or that people are still hoping for a single ripe tomato, sunrise happened after I was already awake. That means winter, people. It grows closer and closer.

But the beauty of Autumn is still to be enjoyed. Those deep grey skies with the exquisite pinks and reds of the early changing leaves shining against them, the beauty of yard-spanning spider webs (have you noticed the size of the spiders? And how many there are?), the quickness of the birds collecting and stashing fat for the winter, the many different shades of grey in one window view...

I was driving to work along Ballinger Way Monday morning and the sun was at just the right angle to illuminate the spaces between the power lines crossing the street, lighting the myriad spider webs connecting the top and bottom lines, dozens of them from one side of the street to the other, in every set of lines. This was just such an amazing feat to see. Can you imagine the absolute beauty if there had been enough moisture in the air to coat each with dew? Can you imagine the strength and size of those spiders?

Just finished Darkness Becomes Her, by Kelly Keaton, published by Simon Pulse. Fun, and a really good read. After what's left of New Orleans becomes its own country run and owned by the Novem, a group of 9 families, Ari heads in to find out what happened to her mother, a woman who left her alone at the age of 4 or so to the mercy of foster care. Finally old enough to be on her own and to make decisions related to her own life, Ari goes to "New2" to follow the traces she was given of her past life.

As soon as these decisions are made, she is attacked by a being that turns to dust when killed. There is obviously something about her and her family that she is not privy to and in order to find it out she gets involved with the heads of New2, all of whom are supernatural beings. But why would they care about Ari and her mother?

Fast-paced, adventure-laden, very romantic, and filled with mythology, Darkness Becomes Her will be read quickly by anyone looking for a few hours of pure enjoyment. I hope there will be a second one, this was good. Ages 13 and up, it will be available in February, just when you will need distraction from the weather.

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