Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Demonglass to World Peace

Sunrise at 7:58, sunset will be 4:28

27 degrees out there. Everything covered in frost except where the sun settles. Birds EVERYWHERE searching for seeds and insects. I'm going to start having to get serious about the feeder now- we do have that great big water feature that they love, so we're set on having a place for them to drink and bathe. Just need to get out and feed them. There are feeders all over the neighborhood, though, and the flocks of birds we have wheeling in and out of the trees and bushes are testament to that.

First day of the new year, we're going to go out for breakfast, take a walk, and then see True Grit. Good times.

I don't do resolutions well- I always have these grand, sweeping thoughts like, say, work for world peace, when I need to focus on something like drinking more water and cleaning the bird cage more often. Maybe if I am well-hydrated and less-stressed over a bird cage that embarrasses me, I will be calmer and more able to deal with the world peace thing.

So, this year I am going to drink more water and clean the bird cage more often. There. I am also going to send letters, well, postcards-I don't have a lot to say- to all the family members and a few select friends. It's a start, anyway.

I am in the middle of a book called Demonglass, by Rachel Hawkins, a Hex Hall novel. It is really fun. I have a hard time suggesting hardcover books in series like these, supernatural, paranormal romance-y books, but I love to read them, I'm sure someone else will too, so there you go. (Couldn't find cover art for Demonglass.)

Demonglass is the second in a series and I didn't read the first one, don't think I really need to now-but I will. It's a good romp, a nice romantic tangle, I like stories about shifters and weres, and demons are just a little extra thrilling. I find myself wishing I had it in my hands when I am waiting for things, like breakfast, so that proves to me that it's compelling enough to stay with. I am taking it with me to the movies to read while I wait for it to start. I think the author will be on tour for this book in the spring and coming to the store, that's another good reason to read both in the series. Age 12 and up. (Hyperion. $16.99. Available in March, 2011, the first one, Hex Hall is available now.)

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