Monday, September 26, 2011

Losers in Space! Read it Soon!

Sunrise was at 7:01, sunset was at 6:59. Oh, my, it's windy today! Curtains billowing, leaves swirling, you can hear the planes bounce on the air.

I completely forgot to tell you all about Losers in Space, by John Barnes. One of the best I've read books this year, and there are a LOT of really great books coming out this year.

No cover art yet!

Losers in Space is about a group of teenagers, well in the future, who are all in the same class, waiting to see where they'll end up. In this time, you can't inherit wealth and fame, you have to make it. These kids decide that they are going to do something so outrageous that they will be famous from now until forever. They are going to stowaway on a rocket on its way to Mars. They will be unable to be returned to earth for months and months and months, their fortunes assured, but something goes terribly wrong and the rocket they are on is broken apart leaving them alone in the capsule. And this is where math becomes very important. In a space as big as the solar system, a teensy wrongness can put you out in the stars with absolutely no way back. The science parts between the chapters explain all the science jargon and math as you go, showing you how big a mistake a small thing can be. You can read just the story, just the science or just read the whole thing in one long swallow.

I loved this book. The science is good and the group of students are all different. You get to know a lot about them as time goes along, seeing beneath the crap and the hate and the sex, and they begin to find out more about themselves, becoming resourceful, using the skills they have hidden or are learning. Except for the psychopath. He never changes, taking advantage of everyone and everything, lying, hiding, cheating, and getting everyone to trust him and believe him. Really a nasty being, but everything he says sounds so true.

Such an adventure-so much fun to read. Kept me on the front porch for hours, sitting in one spot until I was done. I hurt later, but it was worth every popping joint and tight muscle. 14 and up. (Viking Books. $18.99. Available April 2012.)

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