Friday, November 11, 2011

Mmm...Cake, Booksellers, Marie Lu and Legend

Sometimes the hot flashes are worth it: Flourless chocolate cake with whipped creme and toffee bits and a lovely red wine to go with it.

After a long day at work and then booktalking the season's best books, in our humble opinion, Jane and I got everything cleaned up and put away and then I hurried down to Wild Ginger - got there just in time to have a slice of cake and a glass of wine and a bit of talk with some of the best booksellers around. Nothing better than getting together with other people who like to talk about books while drinking a little wine unless it's doing all of that while meeting the person who's written a book you really, really like!

Marie Lu is a new author and her book, Legend, is a great read.

June and Day are the best at what they do. Day is a master criminal and June is the best mind the military has. They live on opposite sides of the Republic’s social spheres, June is one of the elites and Day lives in the slums trying to keep his family and friends alive. They’d never have any reason to cross paths except that June’s brother is killed and Day is wanted for the crime. As June and Day’s paths cross and start to run in tandem, they begin to realize what secrets really brought them together and what the government will do to keep those secrets secret.

Man, this was a good book: absolutely riveting, fast-paced, a little romantic, and a well-developed world.

If you’d like to read more about this book, here is the post from when I first discovered Legend:

Ages 12 and up. (Penguin. Available November 10, 2011. Hardcover. $17.99.)

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