Monday, February 20, 2012

One Door Closes....

Sunrise was at 7:07, Sunset will be at 5:40.

In a time of tumult, it's calming to look at how big things like sunrise and sunset still happen. The world still turns, the ground beneath us still holds tight to the hillside, birds migrate, the waves roll on. It connects us all, this turning of the earth and the rising of the sun, and it's comforting to me to know that, wherever you are, we will still experience it together.

I haven't written in a while: I've been laid off and so am taking the time to do all those laid off things one must do when one is not actually being paid a wage, like updating profiles and sending job requests and signing up for unemployment. It's daunting and uncomfortable most of the time and I look forward to the sun setting (or at least its going down - we haven't had a sunset since last Tuesday; and what a sunset it was on that Valentine's Day: it was raining, the sun was going down and there was a triple rainbow) so I can do those other things not related to a computer like making dinner and doing the laundry; just leave the computer and feel righteous in not looking for a job for awhile.

Sitting in a chair in front of a computer taking online courses isn't particularly hard work, but it's certainly not exciting! Even so, it's amazing how quickly time slips by while sitting here. Eventually, I get antsy, that restless leg thing takes hold, and then I have to get up and go downstairs for a bit, think about doing something else, look out the window and contemplate moving the hummingbird feeder.

It helps to keep me focused when the weather has been uninviting, to say the least: wet, cold, gray. It's misty today and the buildings downtown are only a darker shade of gray than the water in the air. It's cold in the house and the cat's been sitting as close as she can to the computer's heating vent without stepping on the keyboard. Her little paws are radiant.

So send me happy thoughts and job opportunities! Something with books and/or children would be great but everything will be appreciated!

I'll get back to writing about books in the near future; I haven't been reading a lot recently but I'm sure that will change soon...

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