Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon over Seattle

sunrise was at 6:27, sunset at 7:51.  the very air was golden in the afternoon.

just a quick little note to remember:  it's august 31, 2012- a lovely day, the wind cool with the smell of warm.  we ate breakfast outside (dennis cooked).  blue sky, hummingbirds in and out of the fountain.  niece is coming tomorrow, and tonight is a blue moon.  i went to the top of the hill to see it in it's full-ness.  the sky is amazing!  the clouds are like the bottomsides of icebergs, the color of gin in tonic, the blue in opals; currents of air pushing them aside to leave indigo paths to the moon brilliant above.  jets rival the stars and planets as they come and go over the sound.  the air smells like tansy and juniper, warm, like drier lint.

i went to the car earlier to do mundane tasks in the heat of the day and opened the door to what was both exquisite and more than a little gross.  a slug had gotten into the car: when i opened the door, the dry silver slime, now dry and cracking, still shimmered in the the sunlight.  it was so beautiful, a silver calligraphy, ending at an eraser of a slug, dried and twig-like at the driver's seat.  the trail could be tracked from the back of the jeep to the where this slender thing with tiny antennae finally expired, swirls and loops of a mercurial storytelling.  this is the way fairies tell their tales: sitting astride slugs and snails on teensy saddles, tinsel voices geeing and hawing as they direct their steeds one way and the other until  all  is finally told.

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