Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post (Thanks, Annie!)

The blue skies over the ferry building on Bainbridge Island
Sunrise was at 5:49, sunset will be at 8:42.  Cold.  Wet.  Finally.  It was the driest July in history.  It was beautiful, it was warm and breezy, it was weird.  We had muggy.  We had the bluest skies you'll ever see.  We had amazing mountain views and many rides on the OUTside of the ferry.  But we live in Seattle for a reason and I yearned for a little rain.  We had a few heavy squalls yesterday and I know I need to go and clean the gutters today.  The air smells clean and everything looks just a little brighter.

The photos on the left are from my commute over the summer.

We might not have rain, but we had dramatic skies at sunset
Today, I am posting a link to my friend Annie's blog post about President Obama's visit to a new Amazon warehouse opening.   Annie is a writer and a Third Place Books bookseller.  In her post is a letter from the ABA (American Booksellers Association) to Mr. Obama about his decision to deliver his newest jobs speech at the new Tennessee warehouse. 

Please click here and thank you.

Thanks, Annie, for letting me piggieback on your
And fog.  Lots of fog, from little wisps to full on peasoupers

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