Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interrogation of Gabriel James

Sunrise was at 6:27, sunset will be at 7:52. Heading towards equinox!

Cold, rainy, the perfect weather for a hot breakfast because then there is a reason for TOAST! Melted butter toast; warm and buttery toast with spoonfuls of Colleen's strawberry with cherry and peach jam. Jam that looks like a jar of stained glass. Mmmmm.

Just finished reading The Interrogation of Gabriel James, by Charlie Price, also the author of Dead Connection.

Gabriel James is the main witness in a crime. He witnessed the killing of a couple of people and his story unfolds in a series of police interviews interspersed with his memories of what happened that lead to the final scenes.

The story opens with a burial. Two people are dead, a girl's life is damaged, the town won't be the same. Gabriel is a good boy, one just making his way through his junior year, not particularly experienced with girls, becoming more experienced with break-ups, and not certain what kind of a man he'll be. When he begins to realize that things aren't quite right, he sets out, without really thinking about the repercussions, to see what he can do to fix it.

Cult leaders, communes, drugs, possible child abuse, being a teenager, Gabriel finds himself dealing with situations far beyond what he can help with but unwilling to go to the authorities until he knows if what he's seen is really as wrong as it appears.

The Interrogation of Gabriel James is a hard book to read, my stomach hurt in anticipation of what might happen, but so well-written, so well-designed as story. It is told in alternating pieces, police interviews and answers and then Gabriel's more detailed memories about the questions. A book you will want to finish in one sitting just so you won't keep thinking about it.

It's considered a coming of age story, so it is aimed at an older teen audience, 14 and up, but adults will find it compelling as well. I especially liked the landscaping of the book: high school in Montana, Billings, specifically. It's good. (Farrar Straus Giroux. Hardcover, $16.99. Available now.)

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