Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

I got up earlier than usual today because it is the release date for Suzanne Collins' last book in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, and we're having a morning party.

Getting up this early reminds me why I love this time of day. A crepuscular time. An un-pretty word for a time of day full of mystery and promise. The moon is 99.8% full and it is so bright I could only look at it in quick little glances.

I just looked out and it was sinking behind Beacon Hill, a cool, summery, pale yellow, at almost the same time the sun will come up. Moonset today is at 6:24 am and sunrise will be 6:17 am. Isn't that cool? And you know what else is kind of cool? The moon will be full at 10:05 am. And then it will be less full immediately after that. And on it goes.

Sunrise at 6:17, Sunset will be at 8:05.

I am reading Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer, by John Grisham. It is surprisingly good!

I've had so many people ask if I liked it, I thought I'd better read it, and I think it was worth the time, unlike so many other books written for children by authors of grown-up books.

I am learning a lot about how a trial is conducted and a lot of little bits of simple law. It's the story of a murder in a small town and the boy who follows the trial. Along the way, Theo helps a few of his school friends out as they come to him with their problems, giving them pushes in the direction they need to go to get "real" help.

It's pretty good and I really like the way it's written. It's a little dry, it's matter of fact, it's logical, just like his lawyer parents have raised him to be. I am looking forward to finishing it so I can see how he solves the immigration problem that's come up. Ages 9 and up. (Dutton. Hardcover. $16.99. Available now.)

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