Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Cold, Spent Time in Never Land

Sunrise was at 5:21, Sunset will be at 8:52

Cold, wet, gray, up to 60 degrees today, maybe 58. Nights are in the 40s. We leave the windows open, the pillows stay cold, and we cover our heads with the quilt to stay warm.

There are spots of color: bright yellow irises, hot pink whatever-they-ares in the front yard, that chartreuse green of new growth and peas. We have golden hops growing up a trellis, bright blue flowers on a bush, something that starts with a c, that, at the nursery, was COVERED with honeybees, the bush was humming.

The blue blossomed rosemary plant we have had something that I thought were bees but weren't the cozy, round, furry bees holding pollen like saddlebags. They must still be moving pollen, don't you think? Could it just be a different species? We have tons of bumblebees, and tons of bumblebee holes in the hillside and under the rosemary, and they are very cool to watch as they take off and land at the mouths of their tiny caves.

The lilacs lasted a week. When they finally unclenched and opened wide, the scent flooded our yard and street. That day was warm and slightly overcast and the smell was held in the air. And then it rained and they turned brown. They usually bloom at Easter, the bushes look like they are filled with Easter eggs, but they were about a month late this year. Already time to deadhead.

I'm in the middle of three books, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor, Queen of Hearts, by Martha Brooks, and Stay, by Deb Caletti but I have to read (and can't wait to start) Wonder Struck, by Brian Selznick. We need to write up a proposal for the publishers to draw him to our store in the fall when he's on tour. Wish me luck!

I also have China Mieville's new book, Embassytown, on the table here. I am so excited about starting that one. Steve from work said he can't read it on the bus, it takes more concentration than that, so I've been reluctant to pick it up until I can read straight through. John Scalzi seems to like it, I like John Scalzi (Old Man's War), so I am really looking forward to this!

I'm also really excited about going to Chop Suey this weekend to hear him talk to Paul Constant between music sets. Nothing better than books and beer. I have ALWAYS loved to read in bars. Max's Tavern in Eugene, wooden booths, hard seats, cold beer, talk all around, music on the boom box and then on stage, and a book. Books, beer and music. I'm not very social but I love being with people as long as they are over there; I love to be a part of the crowd but it's best if there is something between me and them, like a book!

Just finished reading the spin-off novel from the Peter Pan and the Starcatchers books, The Bridge to Never Land, by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry. It takes place in our world, and the adventure begins when Aidan and Sarah Cooper find a cryptic note that references characters and things in the Starcatcher books.

Things unfold as they should to have an adventure that leads you from your comfortable world to Never Land, and you need to suspend a little disbelief. Eventually Sarah meets Peter and Tinkerbell in a race to save her brother and to keep Ombra from overwhelming the world. It was fun and anyone who's read the others will appreciate this addition to the series. Age 9 and up. Hyperion Books, $18.99. Available in September of 2011. (No cover art available yet, sorry!)

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