Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No book joy or love in any of the stacks scattered at my feet

Sunrise was at 5:40, sunset is at 8:51. Its overcast, supposed to get to 71 degrees.

BIRDS EVERYWHERE! Red-headed house finches, hummingbirds, robins (juveniles all spotty), jays, bluejays, flickers, chickadees and sparrows. The big birds chase the little ones out of the fountains and flop the water out of the bowl with their bathing. A robin was sitting over the bubbler on the tall rock and looked like it was wearing pantaloons, a little fringe of white showed over its legs when it bent over to duck its head under the water. A sparrow slid off the top bubbler and almost landed in the bowl below, barely saved itself from a dunking. Must get a fountain cam.

I can't find anything I really want to read since I finished Boy21 (Matthew Quick) and All These Things I've Done (Gabrielle Zevin). No first page, first sentence joy, nothing that drags me into the story and makes me late for work or stay up all night. Lots of books that are worth the paper, just nothing that says FINISH ME, NOW! On the kitchen table alone I have books open butterfly style (Saving Yesler, Cinderella Smith) and dollar bills and pens marking differing levels of stoppage in three others: Melody Burning, Belle's Song, Dragonswood, and a stack of books for an awards committee that I HAVE to read. I think these books are fine, I just want to be swept away. I have read such truly I-Will-Even-Buy-This-One-When-It's-Available books this year that I just don't want to just read for something to do, I want to get lost. Yesterday on my work break I read a little of Cinderella Smith and then looked at LOL Cats. Sigh.

Looking forward to Cowboys and Aliens and finding something toothsome to read.

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  1. Oh, I loved Cowboys and Aliens!! I had been waiting for that movie forever! What did you think?