Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sunrise was at 7:38, sunset will be at 5:08.

The days are surely getting longer and it didn't rain yesterday, nice weather for the hundreds of people waiting for the John and Hank Green Tour de Nerdfighting concert and book event at the store.

That was the most fun EVER! Hundreds of people chanting, playing ukeleles, all of them filled with awesomeness, willing to wait up to 3 hours to get in the store, 3 more hours to meet the boys one to one, the best book concert ever.

The excitement rises as the venue fills, there's a little plucking of acoustic instruments going on, voices rumble, call and response of DFTBA, the wave happens (appropriate since Seattle is where it was invented). The astonishing roar of all those throats yelling when the curtains move. There's dancing in the aisles during Hank's songs, everyone is riveted to the stage, and you could hear a pin drop - a big pin - when John was reading from TFiOS. So many boys in the audience, so many adults reading his books, tears, shaking girls, boys who have found characters they can identify with, and all of the phones and cameras spitting light and capturing the moment.

Thanks, Boys.

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