Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Today is the 3rd of January.

I've been thinking about my goals for the year, for the decade; you get to be this age, your resolutions need to be longer than a year. Mine are pretty standard ones: Eat better, lose weight, figure out money. It sure seems that everyone I hear talk in re: resolutions, talks about those three things. Why is this so hard to get under control, so hard to change? Habit? Emotion? Too big to get your mind around? If I need to lose 50 pounds, why is it so hard to lose that second 5 pounds? Why is it so easy to just say, I'll be good tomorrow? Why do we use judgmental terms like good and bad?

Arghhh. So, here it is: I'm starting small. I avoided the pizza at the gym last night (yeah, I know, pizza in the gym once a month) - I looked at each one, the smell of melting cheese and hot tomatoes are a couple of my food triggers - but I closed the lids and walked on out.

But, here's the thing: I went to the gym last night. I took my clothes and told myself that it's only half an hour. Once my shoes were on, I was good to go. It's getting the shoes on that's so hard.

I am going to drink more water. I'm sure that most of my cloudiness at work must be due to something in the air, the fluorescent lights, the dust, so I don't need to amplify those things by being dehydrated.

From there, the world's my oyster: that first step on the treadmill will eventually lead to a 5 or 10 K "run" by the end of next year; that first drink of water will lead to feeling fuller earlier so I won't be as hungry for solid food so that first 5, then the second 5, pounds will be a little easier to handle.

I'll deal with the other things as they come. We are already choosing to eat out of the pantry rather than shopping every day for things to put together into a meal. We've made meals out of the stuff in the freezer. I'm going to keep the slow cooker on the counter rather than putting it out of sight. We are thinking twice about spending money on impulsive buys- if we still want it in a month, well, we'll think about it then. We are taking lunches to work.

I want to make an extra house payment a year. I want to go on a real vacation. I don't want to eat dog food when I'm too old to work. That's going to take a lot of thoughtfulness and work so small steps: Eat lunch in. Put 100 dollars aside when possible. Learn how to use eBay and sell stuff rather than donating. (Yeah, I know that donating is a good thing but sometimes we need the cash rather than the tax credit. That's even if we remember to keep track of the donation.)

Oh, one more thing! I am going to learn how to use the machines and materials D. has accrued in 30 years of geekery and make cards and framed gifts out of the decades of photos we've taken of the families. I've made one photo, so far, with way too much help. I will learn how to do it on my own!

I am also going to be better about posting reviews on Goodreads-I love that widget they have about reaching book goals. Last year I read 150 books and I got started in March. This year, I am planning to read 200 books and review them, not just list them.

Well. There you go. Aim at losing 50 pounds. Save 100 dollars a month. File paper. Read, list and review 200 books. Simple words, hard to do, but small steps to a larger goal for a more stress-free life.

Good luck to you all with the changes you are making in your lives!

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