Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, The Poacher's Son

Rain. Rain. Rain. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow. It is today, though, the kind of rain that feels like it won't end any time soon. Cold. Wet. Dark. It's fall, I should be used to this. Sunrise at 7:37, sunset at 6:10. My sister's birthday is today, happy birthday, Keeli!

Stopped raining for just a minute - the birds are out of hiding. Big bluejay in the tree across the way, on the very tip top branch, something round in its beak. The little popcorn birds are bouncing from twig to twig, hanging upside down, pushing each other out of the way. Oh! They're gone!

One of the perks of being a bookseller, besides having access to books before they are published, is being invited to dinner with fellow booksellers and new authors. Isn't that a really cool thing?

I have been invited to dinner with Paul Doirin, the author of a book called The Poacher's Son. I got a copy of his book yesterday (it was in a pile of boxes just filled with advanced reading copies from Macmillan Publishing) and I thought I had better read a bit of it before I RSVP.

Do I really want to read a book about a poacher? Hunting? Not something I would probably pick up on my own but when you may be face to face with the author, you want to be able to truthfully say something positive about the book, so I started it last night. It's GOOD! It's more the story of family and what family responsibilities are or should be than it is about hunting and death.

It's about a man, Mike Bowditch, a game warden, whose estranged father (the poacher in the title) calls one night and leaves a message that involves him in a murder investigation. I love his descriptions of Maine, I really like the way this guy writes, and, having grown up with hunters, beating the grass for rabbits and pheasant, I can appreciate the characters and the way they feel when the government gets involved in their way of living when it's been that way forever.

It's really a fine mystery book, so far (I'm on page 72 as of this post), and I am completely caught up in it. It is a book for grown-ups. Minotaur Books, $24.99. Available April, 2010.

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