Monday, October 3, 2011

Interview on Northwest Booklovers blog

Sunrise was at 7:11, sunset was at 6:45. It's soon going to be dark before I get off work.

Hey, look at this link about me! NorthWest BookLovers posted this interview today on their website! Take a look:

I am reading Forever, by Maggie Stiefvater and it is so good! Can't wait to meet her on October 11. She's coming by for an event, at 5:30, so you should come on by.

This is the last book in her series about werewolves and the grand love between the main characters while they are human. Very romantic, very well-done, the main male character, Sam, is naive and strong at the same time, Grace is very much a human who would be fun to hang with. I'm almost done and it was a hard choice between TerraNova, that new science fiction t.v. show, and Forever. I'm reading during the commercials. Going to go finish it now. Ages 13 and up. Scholastic. $17.99. Available now!

And Scorpio Races will be out on October 18. This is one of my absolutely very favorite books this year.

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