Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maggie Stiefvater and a full moon

Sunset is at 7:22, it will set at 6:29.

The moon is full and beginning to set at 6:30 am.

I can watch it as it slides over the horizon, it's right outside the window, and is just in the space between the maple tree branches on our side and the crabapples across the street. I love how we can see how the earth moves as we watch the moon set. The moon has moved farther north as it sets (or have we turned farther south)? It 's a perfectly fall scene and I wish I could capture the view. It's really windy and the clouds are whisking across the moon's face and at the same time the clouds all around are glowing. It is so beautiful and I can see why it would be worshiped.

And let's not forget Jupiter, the biggest star-like body in the sky right now.

Maggie Stievater will be at the store tonight. I am looking forward to hearing her speak. I have to write an introduction for her!

Ooh, much later! Days later than when I started, I will finish this post!

Maggie was so much fun. She has great stories, a wicked laugh, and had us completely charmed. We had a smallish crowd- 30 or so - but, like many things, the small things are often best. We all got a chance to meet her, we got to hear all the words, we got to ask all our questions, and her next time around, it may be harder to find a seat up front.

We had her at the store at 5:30, much earlier than usual just because there was another author at 7 so we had to hurry through the last moments of signing.

A family of girls who'd hurried to meet her at 7 just missed her, the oldest clutching Shiver to her chest. We looked out onto the commons and Maggie was still there. We called to her and she came over to say hello.

With great grace, she asked if they wanted pictures and called everyone over, signed her book, and chatted for a minute. What a star!

(We had shells, rocks, battery candles scattered around the area- so pretty!)

Scorpio Races, Maggie's newest book, is absolutely my favorite book right now. It's one of the few books I would like to read again. It is a wonderfully atmospheric book filled with horses, mythology, loneliness, and finding true friendship. Ages 12 and up. Scholastic. $17.99. Available TODAY!

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