Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maile Meloy, The Apothecary, and Dahlia Lounge

Sunrise was at 7:18, weird that sunrise happens after we're already up, sunset will be at 6:35.

It's Saturday and cold, I see a band of blue across the Sound, beyond the blocking of Beacon Hill, but it's gray here! No wind, no birds, just one of those in between days of October that makes you feel that you're stuck and there's nothing to do. Even though the art room is calling me, all the cupboards need cleaning out, and I need to clean up the yard, I still fell like there's no where to go, no thing to do.

That being said, we will be heading out in a little while. Yes, we are going to start our holiday shopping and my sister's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I woke up wanting to go shopping, wanting to be around people in a crowd, looking at lights and soaking up movement on the streets.

We, Seattle area children's booksellers, had a lovely dinner at Dahlia Lounge with new author Maile Meloy last night. She's written a really good book about magic and saving the world during the 1950's nuclear age called The Apothecary. Janie's family is blacklisted and they move to London. The next door apothecary promises a cure for homesickness and his son wants to be a spy. When the apothecary goes missing during a violent dispute, Janie and Benjamin find his magic book, the Pharmocopeia, and they set off to find the apothecary using the spells in the book. It turns out that they are the only things between peace and nuclear war. Spies, spells, secrets, and grand adventure. (Ages 10 and up. Putnam. $16.99. Available now.)

I love sitting with all these wonderful booksellers, talking about books and publishing, making lists and gossiping about the authors we love. Thank you, Colleen, for putting it all together! Thanks, Maile, for giving Colleen a reason for having a party!

P.S. I had the salmon with blueberries, the Oodles of Noodles was really good (noodles with parmesan and butter, the perfect comfort food), the crab cakes are always what I want, the bread salad was exquisite, and the Coconut Creme Pie was HUGE! I brought it home to share with the husband. Oh, and the wine was plentiful and so very, very good. The little spoonful of soup that started the party was cool and savory, and the sea food platter was fresh and tasted of the sea. The goeduck was really good, something I'd never tasted before. I don't usually like seafood, it often reminds me of the smell of the dock in Port Orford, but this was clean and cool and spiced.

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