Friday, May 4, 2012

What ONE Book Should Be On Every Child's Shelf?

Trees in the 'hood before the wind and rain.
Sunrise was at 5:47, sunset will be at 8:27.

There will be a Super Moon on Saturday and a meteor shower!  How lucky are we?  Although, after spending a lot of days reading a series of books about a virus contained in a comet's tail sweeping over the earth and killing the adults, leaving 251 teens to head into space to colonize a new planet, maybe my excitement is only a bit misplaced.  Oh, well.  I still hope it will be clear enough to see the moon, if not a couple of meteors! 

What one single book do you think every child should read?

I thought this was a very hard question to answer. Back and forth in front of the shelves in my house, back and forth in my head:  A dictionary?  A Wrinkle in Time?  Where the Wild Things Are? Something all encompassing or specific? How do you choose ONE book when every child is so different?  Do they need a book that will show them how to survive?  How to make good decisions?  How to find the beauty in everyone?  How do you make that decision?

Inspired by the recent World Book Night event, 6 different children's book bloggers share their thinking about the books they'd choose in this month's edition of Ask a Book Blogger from Random Acts of Reading.  I'd say that these books should probably be on everyone's shelves, don't you?

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